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How To Use What Are the Different Ways to View Family Tree ? When you select Tree, you can see different views that show the relationships between multiple generations of ancestors.. Click the View button in the upper-left, and select one of the following views. (If you are on a person’s Details page, click the person’s name, click Tree, and then click View.)

Tree See also Eden, Garden of; Tree; Vision. Lehi 1 beholds tree of life, 1 Ne. 8:10–35.. Nephi 1 sees tree seen by father, 1 Ne. 11:8–9.. tree represents love of God, 1 Ne. 11:21–22, 25.. iron rod leads to tree of life, 1 Ne. 11:25 ().. tree in vision represents tree of life, 1 Ne. 15:22.. awful gulf separates wicked from tree of life, 1 Ne. 15:28, 36.. forbidden fruit set in opposition to See also Eden. A tree in the Garden of Eden and the paradise of God (Gen. 2:9; Rev. 2:7).In Lehi’s dream the tree of life represents the love of God and is referred to as the greatest of all the gifts of God (1 Ne. 8; 11:21–22, 25; 15:36).Cherubim and a flaming sword keep the way of the tree of life, Gen. 3:24 (Alma 12:21–23; 42:2–6). John saw the tree of life, and the leaves had

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